The Marcia Rothblum Scholarship

The Marcia Rothblum Scholarship funds a workshop that enables new writers to find their voice and hone their craft. This extraordinary experience culminates in a professional presentation, as part of  the Food For Thought series. Their writing is paired with the plays of such icons as Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and Harold Pinter. Each of the writers are given the unique opportunity to have their work rehearsed with professional actors and directors, and presented in front of an audience.  The playwrights are invited onto the stage and with the cast, participate in a post-show Q & A.

In the spring of 2013 Susan Charlotte, an award-winning writer and professor, was hired by NYU to create a Masters Class designed to help writers move into the professional realm of theatre, while they were also developing new plays.  This unique class, incorporated many of the techniques developed by Susan Charlotte in the course of her thirty years of teaching and provided a template for a new series of  workshops.  In the fall of 2013, due to the generosity of Philip Rothblum and the foundation he established with his late wife Marcia Rothblum, these writing sessions began.  .

Marcia Rothblum, an accomplished artist and a true theatre lover, was a member of Cause Celelbre’s  award winning sister company, Food For Thought Productions.  Her comments were always inspiring and thought provoking and her observations unique. It is a great honor to receive a Scholarship named after such a special and gifted woman.