Food for Thought Productions Presents...


Unlucky Gal/The Story of Jane Doe

And Tribute to:

Legendary lawyer MARTIN GARBUS,

Iconic Folksinger JUDY COLLINS,

and Former Deputy Chief NYPD's Special Victims Unit MIKE OSGOOD

Time: April 21st from 2pm - 4pm

Location: ETHICAL CULTURAL SOCIETY, 2 West 64th Street

VIP reception from 4pm - 6pm

With Honorees and Cast

TICKETS: $250--Includes Show and Reception (Tax Deductible) CALL (646) 336-9340 or EMAIL:

FOR ALL OTHER SEATING: $25 and $45, please click here.


This is the second show in the series which revolves around a young black woman, age 27, referred to as Jane Doe.

On April 26, 1994 Jane Doe was raped in Prospect Park in broad daylight.

Two days later Mike McAlary, of the Daily News, wrote an article stating she was lying. He wrote two other articles stating the same, contrary to the evidence. She was devastated. She sued McAlary and the Daily News but lost. In 2013 a play named "Lucky Guy", based on McAlary opened on Broadway.

Marty Garbus wrote an op ed piece for the New York Times stating that Jane Doe's story was still not told and wrote, "Who will tell Jane Does' story?

"Unlucky Gal" is that story!

In 2017 Mike Osgood, former NYPD Deputy Chief Mike Osgood reopened and solved the case!