When Truth Is Not Enough takes place on election day 2012 in the deep south.

The play revolves around an elderly black woman who may be denied her right to vote for the first time in her life.

Sometimes art and life come together in a moment we do not expect.

We hoped that When Truth Is Not Enough will affect people on many levels and would, in fact, make a difference. And it does.

At every presentation of When Truth Is Not Enough a room is set up for people to register to vote.

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Next Performance:

24th February 2020

The National Action Network
House of Justice
106 W 145th Street, NY, NY 10039

When Truth Is Not Enough
by Susan Charlotte

directed by Tony Marsellis

Sean Dougherty, Lisa Bostnar,
Ebony Jo-Anne, and Dominique Sharpton

Sean Dougherty

Sean Dougherty


Ebony Jo-Ann

Lisa Bostnar

Lisa Bostnar

Dominique Sharpton

Dominique Sharpton