Cause Célèbre

in association with

Nancy Jackman and Rosemarie Salvatore



Louise Lasser & Stephen Schnetzer
Louise Lasser & Stephen Schnetzer

Written by:  Susan Charlotte

Directed by: Antony Marsellis

Starring: Louise Lasser & Stephen Schentzer

    "I truly enjoyed last night. It had me on the edge of my seat all night...the play is so unpredictable and unique. Louise Lasser and Stephen Schnetzer had great chemistry together. Sitting that close you could really feel the tension between them at times as well as the characters' underlying affection for each other. I do like the idea of having an audience be part of the setting for the play. You feel even more connected to the actors and the whole performance. I'm still thinking about the play and the whole experience of what I guess you could almost call participatory theater."

Kathleen Carroll -- Critic, Co-Founder/Artistic Director of Lake Placid Film Forum

     The audience sits in the actual Salon seats in The Rossi Salon, located at 30 West 57th Street, and watches the play unfold up close and very personal. This is the idea for a very new way of experiencing theatre.  If you missed the show make sure to join us for the next one and you'll see what they mean!

Location: 30 West 57th Street.

7:00pm – Show followed by a reception with the cast.

CALL: 646-366-9340